Simply Green proudly offers BioHeat®, a blend of heating oil and biofuel. Our biofuel is blended on site from B100 produced from waste cooking oil refined by White Mountain Biodiesel in North Haverhill, NH, and Maine Standard Biofuels in Portland, ME. That’s right, the grease that’s discarded by your favorite local restaurants is collected and processed into a usable, sustainable, clean fuel that you can burn in your furnace or boiler with no modification.

B5 BioHeat—5% biofuel and 95% traditional #2 fuel oil—is covered under all major manufacturer warranties. Your system can even run up to a B20 blend before it requires any modifications.

Don’t forget—we offer a variety of different ways to buy Bioheat® through our Fuel Purchasing Programs.

Our Biofuel

Biofuel is made through a process called “transesterification.”

Did we lose you? It’s actually pretty simple. A lipid—like recycled vegetable oil, or soybean oil—is chemically reacted with an alcohol, and two products result: biofuel and glycerin. For our uses, the glycerin is sloughed off, and the pure biofuel (B100) is blended with #2 heating oil and delivered to your home.

Simply by switching from #2 fuel oil to a B5 blend, you can reduce the carbon footprint of heating your home by almost 4%. And, because of our local sourcing and production, using Simply Green BioHeat® supports more than 30 additional families—from the staff that collects, produces, and blends the fuel to the staff who serve you and deliver the BioHeat® to your home.

Biofuel Blends

Although we can blend to any ratio, our product is regularly available in the following blends:


B5 is our flagship product—a blend of 5% biofuel and 95% #2 fuel oil. By using B5 you will be reducing your home’s heating CO2 emissions by 3.92%.


If you’re interested in reducing your CO2 emissions even more you may choose to burn B20, a blend containing 20% biofuel and 80% #2 fuel oil. By using B20 you’ll be reducing your home’s heating CO2 emissions by 15.69%. However, not all manufacturers’ warranties are the same, so please ask for our recommendation before switching to B20.


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