Simply Green’s biodiesel blends are a proven and trusted way to improve fuel economy in your fleet, maximize your equipment performance and eliminate unnecessary costs. From food purveyors to manufacturers, all kinds of companies are finding that reducing their carbon footprint can be as easy as filling their trucks!

Our biofuels are blended on site from B100 produced from waste cooking oil refined by White Mountain Biodiesel in North Haverhill, NH, and Maine Standard Biofuels in Portland, ME. For our biodiesel, B100 is blended with Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) to create an all-around cleaner burn. No modifications are needed to your engine and biodiesel’s added lubricity offers an increase in mileage per gallon and engine life—especially in older engines.

We provide B5 Biofuel Blend and B20 Biofuel Blend. Worried about cold-weather issues? Not a problem. Even in the coldest New England winter biodiesel needs no more attention than petro-diesel. We have fleets—including our own—running B20 Biofuel Blend right through the winter. We even have customers who run B20 Biofuel Blend when it’s cold and B50 Biofuel Blend when it gets warmer!

On-Site Biodiesel Fueling

We specialize in on-site mobile refueling, coming to the site of your choice during your off-hours so that all your vehicles can start their workday with a full tank of good clean bio. You give us access to your fleet in off-hours and we top off each truck, tractor, or trailer. By avoiding costly delays at the pump and those lengthy visits inside the convenience store, drivers stay on the road, running their routes, making their deliveries.

Off-Road Biodiesel

Off-road Biodiesel can be used in qualifying equipment and can save you upwards of $0.46 per gallon in costly road taxes. What is “qualifying equipment”? Anything that uses diesel ‘off-road’: landscaping vehicles, excavating equipment, generators, farm equipment… If it doesn’t go on the road, you don’t have to pay road tax on its fuel.


Off-road Biodiesel in a marine application is especially effective as an alternative to traditional ULSD. In 2007, the EPA instituted the ultra-low sulfur diesel mandate that removed sulfates from fuel—a landmark mandate for improving air quality. However, sulfates offered lubricity to diesel fuel, leading to longer life and better mileage per gallon. Introduce Biofuel to the mix and the lubricants are back! With Biodiesel your marine engine will increase its longevity and its performance.


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