Simply Green’s biodiesel blends are a proven and trusted way to improve fuel economy in your fleet, maximize your equipment and eliminate costly processes from managing your fleet. From food purveyors to manufacturers, all kinds of companies are finding that minimizing their carbon footprint can be as easy as filling their trucks!

Biodiesel & On-site Fueling

Our biodiesel is sourced from renewable waste feedstocks such as recycled vegetable oil and blended with Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) product, so your diesel engine can run on a more renewable fuel without any changes or modifications. ULSD specifications include up to a 5% blend of biofuel. In older engines, biodiesel’s added lubricity offers an increase in mileage per gallon and run time. Reports of mileage increases can go up to .5 miles per gallon!

The on-site fueling application brings the fuel to you instead of sending your fleet to the pump! Customers give Simply Green access to their fleet in off-hours, and we top off each truck, tractor or trailer in their fleet. And, by avoiding costly delays at the pump or those lengthy trips inside the convenience store, drivers stay on the road—running their routes, making their deliveries—instead of eyeballing the beef jerky at your local 24-hour store.

Off-Road Biodiesel

Similarly, blends of biodiesel can be used in off-road application, from farm equipment, construction sites, to generators! By utilizing off-road product in applicable equipment, businesses can save themselves upwards of $0.46 per gallon by eliminating costly road taxes from equipment that doesn’t run on-the-road.


Off-road Biodiesel in a marine fuel application is especially effective as an alternative to traditional ULSD. In 2007, the EPA instituted the ultra-low sulfur Diesel mandate that removed sulfates from fuel—a landmark mandate for improving air quality. However, sulfates offered invaluable lubricity to diesel fuel, leading to longer run times and better mileage per gallon. By utilizing biodiesel in marine engines, a boat can see longer run times, more longevity, and better performance.