Who Owns My Propane Tank?

You just bought a new house and, among other things, it came with a propane stove and, outside, a propane tank. Did you just buy that, too?

Chances are, no, you did not. Most propane tanks are owned by the companies that deliver the propane. And there’s a reason for that: we all want to know that the tank (and all its attachments) to which we’re delivering is being maintained as it should be, and the best people to keep on top of that are the drivers and technicians who handle propane every working day.

But, if the company owns the tank, does that mean that you have to stay with that company?

Absolutely not. Just because the previous homeowners chose that supplier doesn’t mean you have to. You might have had a great relationship with a different supplier at your old house and want to go back to them. Or maybe you’ve heard good things about a local company… Whatever the reason, switching propane companies is not a problem. Here’s what you do:

Call the company you want to switch to and open an account. If your tank is above ground and can be moved without damaging your property, the new company will replace it and the old company will take theirs away. If there’s still some gas in the tank, the old company will credit you for that.

But what if the tank is below ground, or can’t be moved? Well, then the new company will simply buy it from the old company. Either way, you won’t have to deal with any of it.

Finally, once all the inspections and safety checks are fulfilled, your new company will start delivering to your home and you can get cooking!

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