What’s in Your Fuel?

If you’re reading this blog chances are you either use or are considering using biofuel to heat your home. But what does that actually mean?

When used for heating, biofuel is a product known as Bioheat: a blend of #2 fuel oil and biofuel. The mix depends on several factors but essentially all home heating systems can burn a mix of 20% bio to 80% fuel oil (B20), with no special modification of the system. Not only is Bioheat better for the environment but also it’s better for your heating system. But what exactly is the “bio” in that mix?

Some fuel companies are a bit vague on the details; they might be able to tell you the percentage of bio in your heating oil mix but often they won’t know what the bio is or where it comes form.

At Simply Green we believe you deserve better. We know what’s in the Bioheat we deliver to your home because we mix it ourselves at our North Hampton facility.

We take traditional #2 fuel oil and blend it with B100 biofuel (100% biofuel)—to a ratio known as B5 (95% #2 fuel and 5% bio) or to B20 (80% #2 fuel and 20% bio).

Our B100 biofuel comes from two regional suppliers: White Mountain Biodiesel in North Haverhill, NH, and Maine Standard Biofuels in Portland, ME. Both companies produce the purest available B100 from refined recycled waste cooking oils. That’s right, our biofuel is all recycled! That means we’re helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and prolonging the life of your heating system and we’re helping local businesses to recycle. It’s a win-win situation.

So…next time you see an oil truck driving down the road displaying a “biofuel” sign, ask yourself: Does that company know what their bio is and where it’s from?

If it’s a Simply Green truck the answer is simple: YES!

For more information about our Bioheat or Biodiesel click here or call us today at 603.430.9919.