Why a Lamprey Energy Service Plan Could Save You Money

Being a Simply Green customer means being eligible for service work from Lamprey Energy and having access to some of the best HVAC technicians in the Seacoast region 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

But did you know that you can also sign up for a Lamprey Energy Service Plan?

For most of us, keeping our houses warm (or cool in the summer) can be one of the most costly draws on our household budget. But when you get a Lamprey Energy Service Plan it’s like having insurance for your HVAC system. With a Service Plan, you get a pre-scheduled annual preventive maintenance (PM) and a reduction in the cost of parts and labor on any service work.

Lamprey Energy currently offers two service plans: the Gold and the Platinum. The Gold gives you an annual pre-scheduled PM and a 20% discount on parts and service for any work done on the unit covered during the life of the plan. The Platinum gives you a PM and free repair or replacement on all insured parts—up to replacement of the complete unit if necessary. And, with both plans, you have access to 24-hour priority emergency service 365 days a year.

And there’s an added bonus: If you sign up for either the Gold or the Platinum Service Plan, you’re also eligible for the TankSure® Plan—insurance for your oil tank.

Here’s how the TankSure® Plan works: For an annual fee (currently $45 or $65 depending on the level of coverage you choose) your tank is annually tested to measure the thickness of the steel tank bottom. That annual reading reveals what shape your tank is in and when/if it needs replacing. In other words, you get a “heads up” before the tank starts leaking.

But wait, it gets better: When your tank does need replacing, you’ll get a replacement discount of either $1,000 (for the $45 coverage) or $2,500 (for the $65 coverage). Most tanks last 25 to 30 years and the average cost of replacement is $2,500. At $65 per year, it would take more than 38 years to pay out $2,500, but with the TankSure® Plan you’re covered for the full $2,500 from Day 1 of your insurance.

Want to know more? Click here  to read about Lamprey Energy’s service plans, and click here for more about the TankSure® plan.

Don’t wait until your system fails, sign up for a plan today and save money the next time you need a technician. Get in touch with Lamprey Energy today at 603.964.6703. They’ll be happy to discuss the details and set you up with the best plan for you.