Retrofitting Air Conditioning

As the weather at last goes from cold to hot it’s time to start thinking about air conditioning. If you have a new-build home, chances are you already have AC.

But what if you want to do a retrofit? What if you have an older home with nowhere to install ductwork? How can you get efficient central air conditioning with no ductwork? Today, with new technology being incorporated by the likes of Mitsubishi, there are some great options.

Obviously the right choice will vary from house to house but a range of scenarios:

Scenario: Your home has forced-air heat with ductwork throughout.
Solution: Install a cooling coil on top of your furnace and tie it into a condenser

Scenario: You have a newer house with 2×6 wall studs with space for ductwork between the studs. For heat you use a hot-water boiler.
Solution: Install an inside air handler, ductwork, and an outside condenser. In a two-story house with an attic, install a register in the basement ceiling to cool the first floor and in the attic floor to cool the second.

Scenario: You have an older house with no stud pockets.
Solution: Install an air handler in the basement to cool the first floor, and another in the attic to cool the second floor. Tie both to a condenser outside.

Scenario: You have no space for traditional metal ductwork but could accommodate high-velocity flex tubing.
Solution: Install tubing, an outside condenser, and an inside high-velocity air handler.

Scenario: Don’t want ductwork or tubing?
Solution: Install a wall-mounted ductless split cooling/heat pump. These can be hung on any wall (inside or out) but do have to be connected to an outside condenser. Multiple units can be run from one condenser and they can also be used to heat your home in the cooler months!

Next time you’re talking to someone at Simply Green, 603.430.9919, let them know you’re interested in retrofitting AC and we’ll get a consultant out to see you – no strings attached!