Prebuy and Budget Fuel Programs Available Now!

Our Prebuy and Budget Fuel Programs are now available.

There are programs to suit every need, whether you want to pay up front for next season’s fuel, get a fixed rate but budget over several months, or pay market price but divide your payments into equal monthly installments through the year. However you want to go, we can help you get it figured out.

We offer several programs with seemingly complicated names, but really the names explain themselves:

With Fixed Prebuy (or Fixed Price Prepaid) we quote you a price today, and you pay up front for the number of gallons you want.

With Fixed Budget (or Fixed Price Budget) the price is fixed but instead of paying up front you pay in monthly installments – same amount, same day each month until December.

With Flex Prebuy (or Flex Price Prepaid) we quote you a price, you pay up front for the number of gallons you want but you also buy insurance so that if the market price is lower on the day of delivery, we will charge you that lower price.

With Breathe Easy (or Flex Price Budget) it’s the same deal as the Flex Price Prepaid but you pay in monthly installments – same amount, same day each month through April.

And then there’s Market Budget – you ultimately pay the market price that existed on the day of delivery but you spread the payments through June – every month you pay a set amount whether you used more or less fuel that month…it takes the sting out of the winter bills and spreads them into other parts of the year.

To learn more about our programs, call us at 603.430.9919. Or read on to see our Price Protection Program Q&A.

Price Protection Program Q&A

Q If I have a Price Protection Program do I have to pay for all my fuel up front?

A No, you can choose the Fixed  Budget or the Breathe Easy program, and pay your fuel bill by installment, once a month.

Q What if the price goes down after I’ve signed the contract?

A If you take the Flex Prebuy or Breathe Easy Programs with Downside Insurance you will pay either the market price OR your contract price, whichever is lower.

Q What happens if I prebuy more gallons than I use?

A If you have unused gallons in your account after April 30th, we will give you a credit. This can either be refunded or used towards your payment for next year’s contract.

Q What does budget mean?

A You pay for your fuel in equal instalments, over a set number of months. Say you buy 1000 gallons at $1 per gallon and you budget over 10 months, you will pay $1000 ÷ 10 = $100 every month, regardless of how much fuel you actually use in any given month.

Q If I budget, can I pay by check?

A Yes, but only if you are on the Market Budget Program. For the Fixed Budget or Breathe Easy programs you must make automatic payments either with a credit card or an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Choose EFT and we’ll give you a 5¢ per gallon discount.

Q If I sell my house during the contract period, what happens to my money?

A One of three things: you can get a full refund for the undelivered gallons; you can sell the contract to the new homeowner; or you can take a credit and use it when you open a new Simply Green account for your new home.

Q I’m thinking of buying a Program, when do I have to commit?

A You can sign up any time until late September. But prices are subject to change so, if we give you a quote, it’s guaranteed for 7 days.

Q If I have a Price Protection Program must I be on automatic delivery?

A Yes. If you are not already on automatic delivery we will set that up for you.

Q If I have a budget program that gets paid off in December does my price guarantee also end in December?

A No, regardless of when your budget payments end, your price guarantee goes on until April 30 or until you use all your prebuy gallons.

For more detail about all our 2014–2015 Price Protection Programs call us at 603.430.9919.