Simply Green Partners with Rockingham County

This year’s federal fuel assistance allowance had quickly diminished due to decreased budgets, Simply Green Biofuels, stepped forward to fill the gap between benefits.

‘This donation of 2,000 gallons of home heating oil came at a time in between seasons, and during a time when fuel assistance benefits were less than we had hoped that they’d be,’ explained Patte Ardizzoni, Economic Development Director at Rockingham Community Action (RCA). Rockingham Community Action is a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit established in 1965 dedicated to working with no, low and moderate income individuals and families struggling with financial crisis, looking for educational opportunities, hoping to make the most of their assets and much more.

Simply Green Biofuels has been active in the greater Portsmouth area since 2007 and is now covering over 18 communities. Not only have they been heating homes and fueling cars, but also they have supported the Seacoast community since their origins. Simply Green has been a proud supporter of numerous organizations such as Jaden’s Ladder, Rye Pink Sox, and Great Bay Services.

There’s a natural fit between a group that provides fuel assistance and a group that provides fuel, of course, but it was through a pillar of charitable giving that the two were connected.

The Seacoast Women’s Giving Circle named the Seacoast Seniors Count Program at Rockingham Community Action their primary gift recipient in 2011, and Tania Marino, a member of the Giving Circle and customer of Simply Green, made the connection.

“From our work at the Giving Circle, I experienced the reach of RCA firsthand,” Marino said. “Knowing how involved Simply Green was in the community, the connection was practically obvious. Connecting the two organizations directly was a great way that we could multiply our impact.”

In 2011, while the Seacoast Women’s Giving Circle donated to Rockingham Community Action, they were working with Simply Green to identify deserving charities for fuel donations as part of Simply Green’s Spread Warmth campaign.

“When Tania and the Seacoast Women’s Giving Circle made the introduction, we were excited to partner with Rockingham Community Action” Simply Green’s General Manager Joel Bobbett said. “Even though it was a mild winter by our normal standards, high fuel prices are impacting everyone, and working with a group that has their feet on the ground, providing support, is so valuable.”

Fuel assistance doesn’t go as far as it used to. Total funding for just our county continued to decline over $15,000 since 2008. We decided to go straight to the group that provides support directly to those most affected.

‘This kind of partnering is what community action has always hoped to exemplify, to act as that doorway through which communities can gather and work together to fill a void,” Ardizzoni added. “In this case Simply Green came and sat with us and by the end of the process we had filled the tanks of 13 individuals and families, those on the brink of crisis, that were struggling with what to do next.’

For information on the programs at Rockingham Community Action call 603-431-2911 or contact Patte Ardizzoni at pardizzoni@rcaction.org.

For information on Simply Green Biofuels, visit www.simplygreenbiofuels.com