Adventure Race for Kids: Team

In June 2012, Bob Lukacz and Steve DuBois, will compete as Team in a 200 mile adventure race called Untamed New England.

Lukacz and DuBois are police officers in southeast New Hampshire. Along with their policing skills, they are highly experienced in endurance events. Untamed New England, is a non-stop race of many disciplines including mountain biking, canoe paddling and trail running.


Team, will join 49 other teams to battle the wilderness in this strenuous 4-day trek. There is a $5000 1st place cash prize along with free entry into the Adventure Race World Championships, which will be held in September of 2012 in France. However, Lukacz and DuBois are not participating in the cash/entry competition and will be competing strictly for the kids.

Completing the race is quite the accomplishment in itself but the dynamic duo has greater concerns in mind. They’re calling it the Adventure Race for Kids, and its purpose is to raise money for a local charity called the Child Advocacy Center of Rockingham County. This charity looks to provide a safe environment for alleged child abuse victims from ages 3-18. Opening in 2000, the Child Advocacy Center of Rockingham County, was the first operating child advocacy center in New Hampshire.

Simply Green recognized this community outreach and we definitely wanted to get involved. While our main focus is environmental sustainability, we also support parental sustainability. We donated the team’s registration fee and in thanks they named their team after our website.

Team and the Child Advocacy Center of Rockingham County are close to reaching their goal of raising $5000 for the kids. You can donate here. To keep up with Lukacz and DuBois’s progress click here.