Regeneration Rain Gardens in the News

We were proud to pick up the paper today and find our home at Regeneration Park featured for our innovative rainwater management. Jim Cavan, over at the Green Alliance, gives us a great write-up in the Portsmouth Herald:

“When Simply Green turned an abandoned Route 1 Toyota dealership into a thriving green-oriented business campus — aptly named Regeneration Park — it recognized one of the biggest challenges would be figuring out what to do with the expansive, worn-down parking lot.

Joel Bobbett and the rest of the Simply Green team knew they wanted whatever measure they took to be in keeping with Regeneration Park’s impressive green ethos, which already included myriad recycled materials, efficient lighting and heating, and other measures …”

The article goes on to detail the process of discovery in putting the rain gardens together, as organic as they are, the idea organically came together. This process has typified all of the elements of rennovating at Regeneration Park. Contractors, subcontractors, architects and tenants have used any of the means at their disposal to create a truly unique home for us, and we’re proud that those partners are getting the attention they deserve!

Read more over at the Portsmouth Herald!

And find out more about all of the great firms that helped to make this project happen: