Heating with Oil: Prices that change every 2 seconds

In the time it has taken you to read this sentence, the heating oil markets have probably traded 3 times. And, depending on the day, or the news blurb that just showed up on someone’s screen, that movement could have been down or up. The frustrating part to the whole market is that at the end of the day—speculation and the straight of Hermuz aside—people just want to heat their homes. Over the past three years, we’ve seen heating oil prices plummet and gradually build to their current levels, not far off from their record highs in 2008. Support levels have held relentlessly and resistances have proven fleeting. But, that’s not to say where pricing will be next month. week or day. Most people have found that the old game of “I-just-call-around-for-the-best-price” doesn’t leave them with more money in their pocket. Between costly runout fees and bad timing, pinching pennies can turn into speculating with your heating oil and losing that essential part: staying warm! More and more of Simply Green’s customers are making the transition to more comprehensive heating programs at home by choosing budget programs that protect the price of their fuel and spread their payments across the entirety of the heating season. By making this small change in the way you pay for and think about your heating oil, you could be saving yourself the hassle and keeping those pennies you thought you were saving before by truly protecting your prices. Enrollment for next year’s budget plans starts in the early Spring. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop!