Our (newer) home

If you’ve had a chance to stop by our new space at Regeneration Park, you know that Simply Green has been in the business of expansion!

Well, there’s more good news on the horizon: Simply Green continues to grow! We’re heading to the west side of the building this Spring to make room for the growth in staff and services at Simply Green.

This space will embody the ongoing evolution of Simply Green and our commitment to bringing sustainable improvements to the home as easily as possible, with as much impact as possible.

The new, lofted space will house our existing operations and mark an expansion to our delivery capacity. By incorporating recycled and reclaimed components from both the original building and our industry, Simply Green will be occupying the former Service Bay at Regeneration Park.

With the able help of TMS Architects and TR Russell Builders , our new home will be another shining example of what sustainability in the workplace can embody!