Thermostats—What’s New?

Digital thermostats can be pre-programmed to control your room’s temperature to different levels at different times of the day (or night).


What’s in a Thermostat?

We’ve all seen them…some of us still have them, but do you know how that round thermostat actually works?


Reading an Oil Tank Gauge

You know what your oil tank looks like, you know where it is, you even know how many gallons it holds when full. But do you know how to read the gauge to figure out how many gallons are actually in it at any given time? Don’t wait until you have no heat to read the gauge. Check your oil


How to Properly Clean Radiators and Baseboards

We all know that a clean heater looks nice but did you know that it’ll also work more efficiently and so use less fuel?

Ideally radiators and baseboards should be cleaned at the beginning of the season and at least once mid-season—more frequently if you have dogs or cats. It’s not hard to do. Here’s how to properly clean you


Preparing Your Home for the Cold

Winter can be long and it can be cold, but if you haven’t already prepared your house for falling temperatures, don’t put it off any longer.

There are a few things that we all should do before the severest weather hits. None of them takes too long, but when those cold winds pick up, you’ll be glad you made the effort:


Who Owns My Propane Tank?

You just bought a new house and, among other things, it came with a propane stove and, outside, a propane tank. Did you just buy that, too?

Chances are, no, you did not. Most propane tanks are owned by the companies that deliver the propane. And there’s a reason for that: we all want to know that the tank (and all


What’s in Your Fuel?

If you’re reading this blog chances are you either use or are considering using biofuel to heat your home. But what does that actually mean?

When used for heating, biofuel is a product known as Bioheat: a blend of #2 fuel oil and biofuel. The mix depends on several factors but essentially all home heating systems can burn a mix of


Biodiesel to Your Door

Simply Green is best known for its Bioheat delivery service. But do you know we also sell and deliver biodiesel?

If you have a business using diesel for trucks or other vehicles and machinery—maybe you’re in road haulage, deliveries, landscaping, farming—then those same vehicles can also run on biodiesel. No conversions are necessary and it’s efficient year round. Indeed, using bio


Price Protection Programs —What’s it All About?

Do you know that in the Northeast we use up to 80% of our heating fuel in just four months of the year. There’s not much we can do about that but there are ways to adjust how we pay and even what price we pay for fuel.

Over the last year oil prices fell to historic lows but what’s going


Why a Lamprey Energy Service Plan Could Save You Money

Being a Simply Green customer means being eligible for service work from Lamprey Energy and having access to some of the best HVAC technicians in the Seacoast region 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

But did you know that you can also sign up for a Lamprey Energy Service Plan?

For most of us, keeping our houses warm (or cool