Why a Lamprey Energy Service Plan Could Save You Money

Being a Simply Green customer means being eligible for service work from Lamprey Energy and having access to some of the best HVAC technicians in the Seacoast region 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

But did you know that you can also sign up for a Lamprey Energy Service Plan?

For most of us, keeping our houses warm (or cool


Biofuel B5 or Biofuel B20?

Last week I happened to be in the front office when a customer was signing up for a prebuy program. He wanted biofuel and, while he was there, he asked an interesting question:

When you deliver biofuel, how do you know that you’re giving me B5 or B20?

He wasn’t the first person to ask, and there’s probably other people wondering the


Stay cool…the AC is on!

The summer weather may still be a bit unpredictable, but the temperatures are up and we’ve already had a few reminders of how it feels to be hot, humid, and sticky.

For some of us, that means heading for the ocean and diving into the cool waves. But we all have to go home sooner or later and then it means


Retrofitting Air Conditioning

As the weather at last goes from cold to hot it’s time to start thinking about air conditioning. If you have a new-build home, chances are you already have AC.

But what if you want to do a retrofit? What if you have an older home with nowhere to install ductwork? How can you get efficient central air conditioning with


Spring Maintenance


It really does look as though winter is finally coming to an end. Of course, it’s not over yet and there’ll likely be cool temps for quite some time but the prospect of turning the heat off at last doesn’t seem quite so fanciful as it did, even a week ago.

But how has your system performed this winter? Is


No Heat? What to do next…

What should you do when you’ve got no heat? You turned it on, only nothing happens. It was working a while ago, only now it’s not. The house is getting colder by the minute and there’s a definite chill in the air. You could reach for the phone and call us OR you could do some simple troubleshooting first. After


How to Bleed a Hot-Water Radiator

Have you ever noticed one of your hot-water radiators isn’t coming hot even though the heating system’s working and all the other radiators in the house are operating as normal? Or maybe that a radiator is hot at one end but stone-cold at the other?

If it’s a hot-water radiator it’s probably nothing more serious than an air bubble preventing the


How to Clean Your Heaters

Winter’s just around the corner and there’s a lot to do in preparation. We all think of the big things – hanging the storm windows, ordering the wood for the fire, setting up the fuel account so the oil doesn’t run out, but what about the little things? For instance when did you last change the batteries in the thermostats


Biofuel, What’s it all About?

Burning biofuel rather than fossil fuel is clearly better for the environment, but how much better? According to the EPA, biofuel produced from waste cooking oil – the biofuel we sell at Simply Green – results in an 86% reduction in greenhouse gases, when compared to traditional fuel oil.

Of course, the vast majority of homes and vehicles currently running on


Prebuy and Budget Fuel Programs Available Now!

Our Prebuy and Budget Fuel Programs are now available.

There are programs to suit every need, whether you want to pay up front for next season’s fuel, get a fixed rate but budget over several months, or pay market price but divide your payments into equal monthly installments through the year. However you want to go, we can help you get